Fleet Tracking Will Save Thousands of Miles a Year For Your Trucks

gps fleet tracking


All businesses using delivery service knows customer satisfaction is based on timely deliveries. With GPS fleet tracking using www.fleettrax.net deliveries times can be improved significantly. There will also be less vehicle downtime as the GPS tracking will notify managers of impending service schedules. This will save vehicles being taken off the road unnecessary and will prevent wear and tear of the fleet.

If you run an enterprise having multiple trucks or charter bus raleigh nc, fleet tracking gives you real time data about each vehicle. At any given point of time, you have all of the following information available to you:

Exact location of a vehicle

Actual route the driver is taking

Expected costs for the trip

With this data for every vehicle within your business you can optimize your whole operation toward maximizing customer satisfaction as well as profits.
Truck Route Mileage Planning

Using fleet tracking data you know the number of miles traveled, and so you can ensure the optimum traveling time and distance for each truck. This accurate mileage will prevent you overusing some trucks and give you more control over the mileage across all of your vehicles, reducing maintenance costs.

Also a driver who knows he is being tracked will tend to navigate better and not take side routes for personal gain.
Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

With the real-time location of all of your vehicles, when the next order comes in, you know who is closest to your customer. You don’t need to plan a new trip for each order, decreasing the distance that your trucks need to cover. Analyzing this data you can also plan for multiple orders better, reducing the time waiting for the next one, reducing customer waiting times.

This reduces the possibility of lost parcels as everyone involved is more careful and traceable.

When any of your trucks break down, you can immediately pinpoint its location and get your team on site. If the truck will take time to repair, you can send another that is nearest to it to pick up the deliverables. Your services will not be hampered, or the client delayed, and a satisfied customer potentially is your repeat customer.
Cutting Costs

Using the available tracking data you increase the possibility of cutting your logistic costs. When the number of miles for your trucks are optimized, you cut down on not just fuel costs, but idle time and labor payments. The tracking ability reduces the damaging costs of possible vehicle theft, or even accidents due to rash driving, by reducing insurance premiums due to the lessening chance of you claiming.

Using this type of system is crucially important to your logistic process and is an effective means of managing your all of your trucks and drivers cost-effectively and a transparent way of managing operations for overhead purposes

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