Visitors Insurance for Family and Friends

Most of us tend to travel at some point of our lives whether it is to see friends and family, because of work or maybe we just want to be adventurous and see the world. When we do decide to visit, it is a smart idea to be fully insured with visitors insurance when going abroad. Just because you have medical insurance where you live doesn’t mean it will cover you if you go to another state or another country. When you have family or friends that want to visit you, they might want to have the best coverage because it’s better safe than sorry.

Visitors Insurance Considerations

It doesn’t matter why you are going to a country, but you might want to consider Visitors Insurance to cover incidents like:

Trip Cancelation
Missing or Stolen Luggage
Medical Evacuations
Emergency Room Visits
Long and Short Visa Stays Medical Coverage
Long and Short Visa Stays Dental Coverage

You might want to take into consideration of the activities you plan to do internationally and the risk associated with them. It is a good idea to have enough coverage to cover an extended stay at the hospital to cover all your medical costs and the possibility of missing your flight. An example would be you take a trip to an Asian country where Dengue Fever could be contracted from a mosquito bite. This has been known to be life threatening, and there is little hospitals can do but observe your condition and try to keep your fever reduced till you recover. The average fever patient has the sickness up to 14 days.

Best Types of Insurance For Different Needs & Circumstances

Whether you are taking a short or long trip, it’s good to have the right coverage from insurers that are trusted whether you are traveling internationally or domestically. Here are two lists based on the type of travel.

Domestic Travel: Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, Guardian, Aetna, Principal Financial Group, Starmark and Trustmark Companies.
International Travel: Allianz, Frontier Medex, International Medical Group, Azimuth Risk Solutions, MH Travel Insurance and Trawick International.


The next time you travel whether you are going on a short trip, long trip, domestic or international trip make sure you travel right and travel with insurance. By having the right coverage, you ensure you have all your bases covered.

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